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Julia Jueckstock

Design, Research and Systems Thinking

Hyphae Hues

Pigment grown by Fungi

By now, it is a well known fact that the fashion industry is one of the biggest environmental polluters of our time. This projects aims to keep thousands of chemicals from the dye industry out of rivers, lakes and oceans by growing non-toxic dye (from fungi!) directly onto textiles. Colors and patterns can be naturally controlled by adjust the environment in which the fungi is growing. 

Responsibilities: Scientific Research, Fungi Isolation & Growth, Growth Experimentation and Documentation, Textile Selection and Preparation, Presentation, Video Editing

The Fungi
Web 1920 – 67@2x.png
Pigment Growth Conditions
Web 1920 – 68@2x.png
Fungi Growth on Textile
Web 1920 – 69@2x.png
Pigment Expression on Textile
Web 1920 – 70@2x.png
Fiber Absorption of Pigment
Web 1920 – 71@2x.png
pH Experimentation
ph experimentation LAB@2x.png
Silk Screen Print
Design Prints
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