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Julia Jueckstock

Design, Research and Systems Thinking

The Unseen Majority

Bacteria Takeover

The cycles of bacteria-produced CO2 are not taken into account in current climate change estimation models, what does this mean for our planet?

Bacteria Dye

Pigment Producing Microbes

In a response to the water polluting practices of synthetic dyeing in the fashion industry, bacteria dyeing explores a new way.

Waste & Growth

Growing Materials from Waste

Fungi harbor the potential to break down waste and recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem, while also producing a promising biomaterial.

Hyphae Hues

Pigment Grown By Fungi

A close look at the polluting effects of the textile dyeing industry and the opportunities to collaborate with living system for more sustainable alternatives.

Splitting Soil

Contamination Assessment

A visual assessment of soil health from ten different London boroughs reveals extensive contamination throughout the city.

Algae Bioreactor

Printing with Microalgae

Growing environment influenced patterns by exposing photosensitive microalgae to various, selective lighting conditions.

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