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Julia Jueckstock

Design, Research and Systems Thinking

Eileen Fisher

Second Life Textile

Made from retired clothing, Eileen Fisher's Renew fabric is an opportunity to give textiles a second life.


Sustainable Lifestyle Brand

This brand seeks to provide live-aboards with gear and apparel that is able to adapt to this bold lifestyle.

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Texture Translation

From Mood to Application

Documenting the multi-layered design process of taking a mood to a sketch to a dimensional object to a physical application.

Inactivity Color Story

A Humorous Approach to Color

A color forecasting report that examines a current movement and shares an in-depth collection of images, color references and descriptions.

Hyphae Hues

Pigment Grown By Fungi

A close look at the polluting effects of the textile dyeing industry and the opportunities to collaborate with living system for more sustainable alternatives.

Bacteria Dye

Pigment Producing Microbes

In a response to the water polluting practices of synthetic dyeing in the fashion industry, bacteria dyeing explores a new way.

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