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Julia Jueckstock

Design, Research and Systems Thinking

Eileen Fisher

Second Life Textile

Made from retired clothing, Eileen Fisher's Renew fabric is an opportunity to give textiles a second life.

Inactivity Color Story

A Humorous Approach to Color

A color forecasting report that examines a current movement and shares an in-depth collection of images, color references and descriptions.


Sustainable Lifestyle Brand

This brand seeks to provide live-aboards with gear and apparel that is able to adapt to this bold lifestyle.

01 Lufft - 2 – 11.jpg
Hyphae Hues

Pigment Grown By Fungi

A close look at the polluting effects of the textile dyeing industry and the opportunities to collaborate with living system for more sustainable alternatives.

Texture Translation

From Mood to Application

Documenting the multi-layered design process of taking a mood to a sketch to a dimensional object to a physical application.

Bacteria Dye

Pigment Producing Microbes

In a response to the water polluting practices of synthetic dyeing in the fashion industry, bacteria dyeing explores a new way.

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