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Julia Jueckstock

Design, Research and Systems Thinking

Eileen Fisher Renew

Sustainable Textile

The Renew fabric is created from worn and damaged Eileen Fisher clothing, returned to the brand by its consumers for a small reward. A felting machine is used to needle together the layers of these various fabrics. The results are beautiful colored fabric sheets with inconsistent textures, thicknesses and durabilities.The aim was to create several innovative brand appropriate solutions for the sustainable use of the Eileen Fisher Renew fabric. 

Responsibilities: Brand Research and Benchmarking, Trend Finding, Color Story, Mood Board, CMF Landscape

Visual Direction
Artboard – 25@2x.png
Artboard – 9@2x.png
Color Story
Artboard – 26@2x.png
Color Ratio
Artboard – 27@2x.png
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