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Julia Jueckstock

Design, Research and Systems Thinking

Starbucks Interface

Espresso Machine

Serving up coffee drinks that satisfy the customer's desire of convenience and the brand promise of quality and consistency.

Hyphae Hues

Pigment Grown By Fungi

Pigment producing fungi are grown directly on raw textiles using nutrition from distillery waste for a circular, non-toxic dyeing method.

Eileen Fisher

Second Life Textile

Made from retired clothing, Eileen Fisher's Renew fabric is an opportunity to give textiles a second life.

Microsoft Windows

Dimensional Operating System

Design concepts based on existing user paint points and research backed opportunities, help explore an OS for the future.

Shuhari Green Tea

Japanese Cafe

Celebrating Japanese tea traditions through a brand identity brought alive in a small cafe space on Abbot Kinney in Los Angeles.

Splitting Soil

Contamination Assessment

A visual assessment of soil health from ten different London boroughs reveals extensive contamination throughout the city.

Mama J's

Cannabis Branding

A new visual identity for an existing brand that promises more flexibility and allows a more cohesive overall.

Bacteria Dye

Pigment Producing Microbes

In a response to the water polluting practices of synthetic dyeing in the fashion industry, bacteria dyeing explores a new way.

Algae Bioreactor

Printing with Microalgae

Growing environment influenced patterns by exposing photosensitive microalgae to various, selective lighting conditions.

Texture Translation

From Mood to Application

Documenting the multi-layered design process of taking a mood to a sketch to a dimensional object to a physical application.

Waste & Growth

Growing Materials from Waste

Fungi harbor the potential to break down waste and recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem, while also producing a promising biomaterial.

TerraCycle & Loop

Sustainable Office Renovation

Demand for sustainable waste management is increasing rapidly, calling for a brand-mission based office renovation.

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